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19 June, 2016

Lqd Skin Care

I turn 48 in 2 weeks time, and I can truly say I’m on my way to being in the best shape of my life. When I first started at the gym, now over 30 years ago, the people that inspired me the most weren’t the buffest guys in the gym, nor the ones with the best abs, or the biggest muscles, but it was the guys who were still in there training, day in, day out who were over 50 years of age.

I made a decision really early into my fitness journey, that I wanted to be that guy. A lot of people want to be the biggest, the strongest, the leanest, but for me it was always about wanting to be the one who was still training, long after everyone else had given up.

So after 30 years, I’m becoming that guy…
I’m sure some of you wonder what this has to do with skin care, and I know when we first started our Lqd page, a lot of people thought we were crazy always talking about fitness, but hopefully by now you understand our approach, that for your skin to look the best it can, you need to focus on diet and training as well.

To help others on their journey, I’ve written an eBook to condense some of my learning’s over the last 30 years so that anyone can start improving their fitness and skin care routines and you can download it by clicking on the link here: http://wellness.lqd.com.au/lookthebestyoucan/

Have a great week and hopefully I can inspire some of you to join me on my journey to looking the best I can – even at 48 and beyond.