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Inside you’ll get tips on :

  • Setting goals for your mind and body
  • Creating healthy training habits
  • The science behind getting fit
  • The relationship between calorie intake and body shape
  • Tips for quickly shedding kilos by changing your diet
  • The best exercises for each muscle type - including chest, back, arms, legs, and abs
  • How to use skin care to look your best

About the author

Anthony McDonough is the creator of men’s skin care brand, Lqd. In this eBook he has distilled 20 years of experience in training, sharing with you what he has learnt on his journey to creating the best version of himself both physically and mentally.

Anthony’s strong grounding in biochemistry gave him the holistic approach needed to understand how to balance a healthy lifestyle through fitness, diet and skin care. This book provides you with his learnings, so you can start your own journey to looking the best you can.